Contact us:

Aires Technologies
61, Vyborgskaya emb.,
197342, Russia
Phone/fax: +7 (812) 677-37-36

How do you work?

We sell our products through dealers.

How can I buy an Aires Device?

We have made the ordering process as simple as possible.

Leave your contact information (phone number or email address) and a sales manager will contact you to get the specifics of your order (Which products do you want to buy? How many? When and when are they to be delivered?) We will determine the price of the order and agree on the delivery date. After you confirm the order, you will receive an order confirmation with the delivery date via text message or email to the specified email address.

The shipment will be made by a delivery service.

Do you have special terms for corporate sales?

If you represent a business and want to purchase our products for employees, you can take advantage of our corporate sales terms. Contact us and we’ll find an arrangement that is convenient and interesting to you.

What warranties apply?

Warranties in accordance with the Russian Federation’s Law on Consumer Rights.

How do I pay?

We can come to an agreement on a payment method that is convenient for you.

What are the terms and costs of delivery?

Delivery method is discussed with the customer. The cost is depend on location and urgency of the order.

In what cities can I buy the Aires Device?

We’ll ship our products to anywhere you want in the world.

How do I become a dealer?

If you want to become a dealer, go to the AFFILIATES section of the website and fill out the form to get access to more detailed information.

If necessary, you can call us by phone or contact us by email.

The requirements for dealers and distributors are standard business practice:

  • Legal entity must be at least 1 year old
  • Experience in successfully positioning in the appropriate market segment
  • Must have own sales network
  • Must have necessary financial and administrative resources
  • Must have a modern office
  • Skilled personnel who can adapt the specifics of the Aires Device
  • Ability to create own website in accordance with American Aires Inc.’s corporate policy