Aires Technologies RU

Aires Technologies is the official partner of American Aires Inc. (Ontatio, Canada) in Russia and CIS. American Aires Inc. is the leader in development of electromagnetic coherent converters.

The main option of the company is to develop innovative highly technological systems for human protection from electromagnetic radiation with no analogues in the world. For more than 15 years of work our company has passed a difficult way of formation. Our rich experience, realized solutions, and prospective projects give us a hope and confidence for the future.

Company strategy

  1. Beginning in January 2013, company has begun implementing a large-scale business plan to “protect humans from electromagnetic radiation”, under the brand name Aires Technologies. To this end, we have prepared a complete line of special systems and devices, for mobile and conventional use, to protect people (as individuals or a localized area of their residences) from the negative effects of man-made and geophysical electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
  2. The business plan is the result of more than 12 years of extensive research and testing, related primarily to the body’s response to various sources of radiation, conducted at the most authoritative, independent scientific institutions of medicine, biology, and technology. During this period our research team performed an unprecedented number of distinct long-term observations and laboratory experiments, leading to the creation of unparalleled technology for the protection of humans against a wide range of electromagnetic radiation.
  3. The research revealed a number of effects that would eventually yield previously unknown technological solutions to influence the structure of both living and inanimate materials. Working toward this, we created a number of urgently needed concepts that make it possible to take a principled approach to making the majority of widely used technologies and algorithms perfectly environmentally-friendly.
  4. At present, we are conducting extensive market research to determine the size and nature of the market for Aires Device products in various parts of the world. The particulars of national sentiment in different countries means a marketing campaign tailored to the objective societal structure that dominates in any given region or country.
  5. The results we have obtained in this endeavor allow us to optimize our global marketing strategy for specific consumers in the worldwide socio-economic context.
  6. Our strategy includes finding and engaging distributors in different regions and nations of the world who will exclusively represent the company’s interests, and creating a dealer network in these areas.
  7. Marketing and advertising campaigns are being developed by the distributors and dealers who know the local market in their own region or country.
  8. At the same time, company is prepared to support appropriate advertising promotions, giving the interested parties the necessary information related to the research and testing conducted at scientific organizations, visual materials, articles and brochures, which are to be adapted to the local market by a representative of the region’s dealer network.
  9. The release of the next product in the Aires Device lineup is confidential strategic information. Products will be released based on marketing results and the development of regional markets by agreement with representatives of the distributor and dealer networks.
    If a particular region reaches persistently high demand for our products, we can consider optimizing for logistical and customs expenses.
  10. All of the company’s designs are its intellectual property and may not be transferred without the appropriate legal documents provided for by accepted world practice. We have our own high-tech “know-how” as confirmed by 13 patents.
  11. Our management team believes that in the next three years we will be able to release the Aires Device and Aires Technologies brand to the world market as part of a global business plan. Suitable financial and administrative resources and the necessary foundation of research and technology have been focused to this end.
    Thus, very soon we will meet the market’s urgent need for broadly-applicable technologies to protect humans against man-made and geophysical electromagnetic radiation.