«…Protection from electromagnetic radiation
is the priority option of our technologies…»

Due to advances in science and technology, the notion of «electronic pollution», beside chemical, radiation, noise pollution, has come into our life as a significant factor destabilizing human health.

In the beginning of the 21st century, the number of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) sources increased dramatically. And modern man’s intense pace of life and massive information pressure have created a situation of permanent stress and tension that can weaken the general physiological status of an organism. Thus, the problem of restoration of a human biosystem’s protection capabilities that safeguard its functional state against different negative environmental factors has become very urgent.

The technology of coherent conversion of anthropogenic electromagnetic radiation proposed and implemented by Aires Technologies helps solve this problem by creating stabilizers of human functional state — Aires coherent converters that coordinate an organism’s own electromagnetic radiation in a broad band of frequencies.

Aires products coordinate the processes of cellular and main system metabolism and thus stabilize the organism’s physiological state. They prevent accumulation of «errors» in the operation of the central nervous system by having a preventive effect that increases the organism’s protective properties.

Ecological situation in megalopolises is deteriorating rapidly. In addition to chemical, radiation, and noise pollution electromagnetic smog became an integral part of our life. At the beginning of XXI century there was a leap in a quantity of electromagnetic radiation sources. There was a question how to reduce the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation on human health. Traditionally used methods (time, distance, and shielding protection) were ineffective and couldn’t give a reliable result. There was a need to develop new protection methods. The technology presented by Aires Technologies is able to solve this problem by creating coherent Aires converters that transform electromagnetic radiation in a wide range frequency thereby reducing its negative impact on human health.