Aires Defender Automotive

Новое поколение Aires Defender Infinity is a stabilizer of the electromagnetic field inside a vehicle.
It is designed to stabilize the electromagnetic field inside a vehicle.
It is placed near the driver.

Aires analog microprocessor is a plate of single-crystalline silicon with a purposely designed circular slit diffraction matrix deposited on it. Three microprocessors placed in this way generate a resonance response in the form of a spherical fractal field that coordinates external electromagnetic fields, which interact with that spherical fractal field, by amplitude, frequencies, phases and interaction diagram.
Схема устройства Aires Defender AutomotiveResonator Antenna is a larger circular matrix deposited on the base using the Immersion Gold process. Two of those patterns made of a conductive material and separated by an isolating layer make up a capacitor. The moment accumulated charge reaches its peak, the electromagnetic radiation of the electronic device (a phone or some other) is captured and redistributed to the Aires microprocessor.
The base is made of glass-fiber laminate..

Operating principle


An electromagnetic pulse from the electronic device is captured by the resonator antenna.
When a critical charge is accumulated, it is automatically redistributed to the Aires microprocessor. A surface wave appears. The microprocessor’s slit matrix generates a standard fractal field (hologram), which is a three-dimensional structure of regularly alternating peaks and troughs of field intensity.
The resulting field structure interacts with external radiation, adjusts it (by direct and inverse Fourier transform) and aligns it with the biological organism’s own radiation, thus preventing a conflict between the external radiation and the radiation of the organism’s cells.
The black color of Aires Defender Automotive ensures maximum absorption of radiation in the infrared band, which in turn heats up, first and foremost, biological tissues causing pathological changes in the organism.
Aires Defender Automotive is designed for use in a vehicle. It is mounted near the driver in any convenient spot using the supplied fastenings.
Aires Defender Automotive in a protective case can be kept in the glove compartment etc. or hung up.

Products shipped to the United States and Canada through American Aires Inc. (400 Applewood Crescent, Unit 100 Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 0C3, Canada) has a special export package.