Aires Light Optimizer

Aires Light Optimizer is an extra antenna and property multiplier, which enhances the operation of the Aires Shield.
The Aires Light Optimizer is used in combination with the Aires Shield and is designed to enhance protection of the body against prolonged electromagnetic radiation from mobile communication devices in constant contact with their operator — smartphones, telephones, PDAs, etc.
Aires Light Optimizer makes it possible to more effectively reduce the intensity of penetrating radiation without diminishing the quality of the communication. It redistributes the arising polarization in the form of a regular system of maxima and minima of field intensity along the surface of the mobile device.

The radiation source is the mobile device’s “electromagnetic pulse generator”. When excessive charge (polarization) builds up there is an automatic redistribution, which creates a fractal matrix that interacts with the Aires Shield, which uses a direct and reverse Fourier transform to harmonize it with the background radiation of cells, reducing to a controlled minimum the conflict between the radiation of the mobile device and the intrinsic radiation of the human body.
The Aires Shield coherent transformer may be placed on the device’s housing or case, as well as the center of the Aires Light Optimizer.

Products shipped to the United States and Canada through American Aires Inc. (400 Applewood Crescent, Unit 100 Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 0C3, Canada) has a special export package.