Aires AquaCluster

airesshield It regulates structural state of water. The Aires AquaCluster imbues water with unique properties similar to natural melt water. It should be placed in a container of water. It has all the necessary health documents.

The pH level of aqueous substances is one of the most important factors in most chemical and biological processes. Living tissue is highly sensitive to pH fluctuations. Beyond the acceptable range (7.3 – 7.7), proteins are denatured: cells are destroyed, enzymes lose their ability to perform their functions, and the organism may die. The Aires AquaCluster induces a pH shift toward the optimum level (7.3 – 7.5).

layer_aqua_bsThe Aires AquaCluster imbues water with unique adaptive properties (after approximately 24 hours of exposure to an Aires AquaCluster, water begins to change synchronously with the environment (geomagnetic fields).

The Aires AquaCluster uses a single-core Aires microprocessor with a 24-vector coherence circuit.

Product diameter – 50 mm; thickness – 11 mm.


Products shipped to the United States and Canada through American Aires Inc. (400 Applewood Crescent, Unit 100 Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 0C3, Canada) has a special export package.